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January 14, 2011

Nail fashion sticker - hot or not?

Yesterday I went to do some teeny tiny little beauty shopping at the drugstore. I decided I wanted to try those nail art sticker thingys that have been out for a while. As most of the designs looked more like wallpapers, I decided to go with these leopard-style stickers. It's not that hard to apply them..you just put them onto your fingernails, cut off the extra parts and file the nail in the end.
I thought it looked weird that the base of the sticker was white (who wears white nailpolish anyways?!), so I lightly painted it over in some sort of a nude/sand colour. I was actually quite pleased with the result. I have to say, though, that the patches (or whatever you might call them) don't quite stick at the ends after a little while. After all, they're said to last up to five days. But, whatever, I think it's a cool invention since it's hard to create small patterns with nailpolish - imagine doing that with your left hand!
So...what do you think of them? Hot or not? Thoughts please!

PS: I'm sorry for the more than lousy pictures..somehow, my camera sucks at close-ups...


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