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January 11, 2010

Highly cultural

I have to recommend a book to everyone who likes books ;)
I just finished reading The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern. A very good book! It was the first time I read Ahern in English, so I was excited to get to know her "original style". And I didn't get disappointed! She's a true talent with great imagination. The book is magic and I can picture it as a movie pretty well. Normally, I wouldn't like that in a book, but in this case, I loved it!
The story begins with a spoiled girl named Tamara. She lives in a huge house with a pool etc. Her parents are rich and she's hot. A little brat. But then her father kills himself and everything changes since Tamara and her Mom have to move to the countryside to live with their relatives because they can't afford their house anymore.
At this point, you'd think this is a normal story, nothing unusual, I mean for a book or a movie?! But then the story gets a thrilling twist, something mystic, yet fantastical.
And if you don't like reading books but don't what to spend your money on, buy this one and place it on your desk- the cover is very decorative ;)

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