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December 31, 2009

Say no to a sick New Year's Eve!

Hey blog!
How's it going?
I had the worst day in a very long time yesterday! I woke up and I felt so incredibly SICK! And tonight we're having a party for New Year's Eve at my place. I was soo scared I'd still feel sick today. But, just my luck, I woke up this morning and felt so much better! I could even drink water and keep it inside of me. Yesterday just one little sip of water made me throw up. I even threw up on the bus on my way to the doctor's- it was SO EMBARRASSING! I was lucky to have my boyfriend there who was prepared with a plastic bag...
So now I'm still feeling a little dizzy, so there won't be any alcohol for me, but I finally get the party I always wanted- all my girls in the house =) I just hope my parents (means my mom!) won't stress me out..since she's having her friends over, too. That means she's stressed out and she usually starts stressing me out when she's stressed and..ugh.. Don't get me wrong I really love her, she's a great mom and she took so much care of me when I was sick, but I didn't eat anything since the day before yesterday but a slice of toast so I'm not exactly full of energy. Don't want stress. If anyone stresses me out tonight, they're going home! (I know it's rude but I feel selfish today^^). I've never been a good host- tonight I have to try.So I'll have a bowl of soup now and then I have to have a bath.

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