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December 21, 2009

India, my India, where first human eyes awoke to heavenly light!

I just browsed through some icon livejournals to find one for my XP account (yup, I'm a little bored and tired and I had some hot wine punch-that's how you say it?!). I came across those India/Bollywood inspired icons. They're so beautiful! They remind me of the times when I loved Bollywood I even had those dvd nights with my girlfriends (remember, Nii?) where we would watch some Shah Rukh Khan love movie, cry a little and eat till we'd almost explode! Lucky me- I kept some dvd's on my bookshelf, so I HAVE to watch at least one during the Christmas holidays. And my Indian books..they were so magical. I still have those, too. I love how women are portrayed -mostly- in Bollywood movies. I know it's not Indian everyday reality, but the beauty of those girls and women...each girl is a princess there and I'm definetely one of those girls who always wanted to be one. Hihi. So I have to share those with you (look at those colours!!!!):

All Icons were found at 100stockicons (also stole the headline from there)

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  1. wie könnt ich unsere bollywood abende vergessen. sollten wir nach möglichkeit mal wiederholen. hehe.


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