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December 1, 2009

Everyday fashion awkwardness

Today I saw a girl that was so fashion-forward! Some of you might have read the fashion magazine topics dealing with horse-riding-clothes-inspired fashion coming up (earlier this year!). What was meant, and also shown on the catwalks of the world, were for example horse-riding boots as an inspiration for leather boots and such things.
Turns out some girls, including the one I saw this morning, took the fashion reports a little too seriously. I'll try to tell you what she was wearing: A normal shirt, then ankle boots, then real (real! not inspired by but real) horse-riding pants and a jacket I don't remember. What stunned me were those pants. Oh, and she didn't wear any socks. Her ankles were naked. Filthy! Umm..I don't care about THAT but it was really cold outside today so umm..yah, she's probably on the sofa with a cup of tea now.
Those pants, you guys! WHY??? I mean..if people say the next fashion trend is military (jackets, whatever..), I don't wear my grand-dad's old actual military clothes, do I? And if it's the biker style, do I go for a motorcyclist's complete outfit? Hell, no!

Source: leder-roth.de

Back to the horse-riding pants. I actually do practice horseback-riding since forever (well, I started 10 years ago). And I can tell you: those pants are really made for moving in them! They're sport-pants (yes, horseback-riding IS sport). OMG! They're not so comfortable to walk around in. There's leather on your damn ASS, it's stretchy and the button closes way up at your damn waist! PLUS: In 99% of all cases people will be able to see your panties through the pants. WHY???
Have a look yourself and tell me: is that looking good or fashionable in ANY POSSIBLE WAY?? (hers were blue, but it doesn't make a difference)

Source: pferdefit.de

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