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December 15, 2009


I couldn't figure out what to have as headline. I wanted to write lyrics from a Korean song that is in my head now, but something stopped me: I don't know any Korean, so I can't write it down. Stupid me!
Anyways..I just wanted to tune in real quick. I should be studying maths right now, but I'm unable because I caught a flu! My god, I hate it!! Just because I had to work at that damn store on Saturday. That store that is practically completely located on the street, all open. It was SO cold! I froze from the minute I got there.And I'm gonna have to work there again this weekend :(
So that's mainly the reason why I didn't post that much. What came with the post last week (I mentioned it some days ago..) was a free L'Oréal mascara :) I actually wanted to post about some cool mascaras, show you which one might be the best. But now that I'm sick the photos would look like crap. So we'll postpone this.

Wish me well!

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