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November 30, 2009

"Bella, marry me!" -"Umm..no!"

This is a short post! I have to sleep now, I studied SO much! So f*** translations.
I watched New Moon yesterday. Haha!
My advice for Eclipse (guess it's too late already, but nevermind):
-If Edward is pale, then let his lips be pale, too. It's not like he's Snowwhite!
-Bella aka. Kristen Stewart aka. emotionless-face: more emotion, please. In your face, I mean!
-Esmée and Rosalie: Skip the drag-queen make-up.
-Let the next movie have a better ending. Thanks.

PS: No Edward-walking-in-slow-motion-sexy-music-in-the-background-scenes anymore, please. If people like him, they'll like him. No need to exaggerate!

BUT: Isn't he so gorgeous?? He's hot!

Good night, folks!


  1. hahaha ... du hast es echt auf den punkt getroffen hahahahaha xD

  2. I was exactly thinking the same way about edward's bloodred lips. i was wondering all the time which lipstick he might use...a nice colour, maybe it looks good on me,too.

    man, wenn du auf englisch schreibst, ist es so seltsam nicht auf englisch zu antworten.



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