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October 26, 2009


Here are the first photos from Istanbul. I don't think I'll show the private photos though, because..they're private! You know I met everyone..literally. All of my boyfriend's family. I feel happy and proud. I mean, I was allowed to meet all those people. They were all so nice!
More photos are probably going to come soon- I'm still waiting for the ones that are on my boyfriend's camera. I had a great time! I grew a bit, I guess. And our relationship did, too. =D

all the mosques...

In between two mosques: a beautiful garden

Inside one beautiful mosque that used to be a church, named Ayasofya, also called the red mosque

The view from one of Ayasofya's windows

The view from the Galata bridge. Wallpaper-potential, hmm?

My boyfriend and his uncle fishing

There's a köfte burger. So funny!

The view from my "mother-in-law"s house on the countryside

The view from the hills

That made me angry!! ;) THEY have Topshop over there in Turkey! But still there's none here in Germany :( But it was so expensive and I loved EVERYTHING! So I bought nothing..Ya, I know, you'll kick me for this. My boyfriend was kinda mad at me, too.


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  1. penner. wie kannst du nicht bei topshop kaufen.


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