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October 14, 2009

Çok güzel means that's cool!

As i have the opportunity to go online here, i thought i'd take the chance and shout out a quick hello. I have, despite my omnipresent worries, survived two flights in a row and managed to check in and out on my own. Now i'm pretty proud of myself, I have to admit. I'm feeling good although I live with a little cultural shock here as I don't stay at a hotel but wıth real people- my boyfriend's relatives. First day's food was great, I can't complain-we went to Burger King, you see. Nah, I like it here. It's less organised and 'luxurious' than stayıng in a hotel room, but even though I don't understand a word of turkish I get the impression people are pretty friendly. Istanbul certainly is a clash of cultures and it's very interesting. Today we visited a church that has been turned into a mosque. Gosh, there's mosques allover! They are so beautiful. Tomorrow we'll visit the citie's most beautiful, most famous mosque. I was actually woken by that mosque-singing today. Or was it just a dream? I couldn't tell but when they sıng, which is impossible to be missed since it happens 5 times a day, it's first strange, then normal, then funny because with the city being full of mosques, there's a big canon being created in the air above you.
What i like best so far are the palm trees and the weather. Wherever there's real palm trees growing out of the earth, it feels like a vacation to me. Same goes for beautiful outdoor swimming pools.
Enough for now. Yes, I did take pictures. No, I didn't bring my USB-device. Hope to 'see' you soon!

greetings to all my lovely friends. I know Hamburg feels empty without me ;)


  1. hey cinja.
    hm ja, barcelona war toll. einzelheiten im einzelgespräch. hehe. und paris war nicht so dicke? hoffe istanbul mit deinem herrn gatten wird besser.
    hau rein.

  2. eheeeemty, vielleicht. ;)


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