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September 20, 2009

I just think that we might get on...

Hey, everyone!
I wanted to write, like, a deep post, like, kinda interesting for people..you know, like, actually honest and great? Ugh.
BTW: Look at that pic on the right! Haha. Looks kinda bitchy + nasty. I'm not one of those girls, just tried to look funny >_<
Feels like everything's in the right place. I postponed my homework to tomorrow morning and I tidied up my room today. I start to feel so uncomfortable in it. I want to move out. No, I don't. Ah I don't know. I mean, it's too early to take that step anyways, but I feel like I need way more space to fit all my ideas and ALL MY STUFF! Crap! I threw away so incredibly many things during the last weeks and my room is still packed like I don't know what! I also thought of painting my walls pink. Not an aggressive pink, though, a soft tone.
It would spoil me so I could forget about how ugly my room appears to be sometimes. I hope.
ANYWAYS!! (aah, I keep sneezing all the time) Here's my outfit from Saturday night (cocktails with friends <3):

Shirt (originally a dress): Phobia + Treggings: H&M

So, I'm off to watching Melrose Place.

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