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September 27, 2009

Ha Ha Ha.

The photos from the Filippa K fashion event something are finally here and, umm.. I'm not saying I've got a body like a model- I'm so far from that- but come on...the photographer really doesn't run his business best.
And what I particularly didn't like: They put dark violet lipstick on me. EWWW!! I looked soo not-nice and arrogant. I mean, it sure looks good on Rihanna but how much do Rihanna and I look alike? I'm sure you get my point.
Why the hell does my hair look so blonde?? It's really NOT!
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My friend V won. Bitch!

Off to voting. Germany's voting today! Hey, my German readers- you're voting, too? I think everyone should go ;)

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  1. die haben dich ja jung gemacht :D
    Es ist eine andere person die ich sehe, aber es sieht, nun ja, nicht schlimm aus. :)


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