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August 25, 2009

Senior year starts in...3..2...1...

I want to blog but I'm tired and sunburnt :(
I think I'll just go to bed now. Took some pics for the blog, though + going to the hairstylist tomorrow *yay*
Tomorrow=last day of holidays :(
...my last summer holiday ever. (If I don't turn out to be the most stupid girl and not pass the finals)
I went to school today to pick up my timetable. Gotta rearrange some things... :/ I also think I'll pick up a (new) job pretty soon. Had two "test-days" last week. One at a bakery and one at a ..sort of a café. The bakery liked me, the café hasn't yet called. Hmmm..have to make a decision. Yup, and then, Cinja will earn some money again^^
Looking forward to fall now! October -> Holladays =) I'll be in Paris and Istanbul. Happy!

XOXO, see you tomorrow

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