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August 6, 2009

My dream apartment vol. 2

Here it goes again. I'm suddenly happy and reading lots of blogs bout people that are moving out. So..I'm inspired =)


My kitchen HAS TO BE fresh! Let me show you...

This is how I'd paint the walls- half white, half green.
I'd want such pictures on the walls. I want them to be just on that line where the green stops and the white begins..you know?

Umm..I don't have to tell you bout the basics..right? A fridge (silver or white is fine with me), an oven...

But I LOVE and HAVE TO HAVE those:

(available at Urban Outfitters)

There need to be some fresh plants! ..or else I won't cook.

And, of course:

..you know ;) (@Ikea)

Yah, and now the table..I want some kind of a little bar, this is not exactly what I was looking for, but umm.. I once saw one that was like..coming out of the wall, you know what I mean? It's actually fixed to the wall..

(c) Ikea

Those might match it:

(c) Ikea

Oh, and I want those little ones for spice and all:

(c) Ikea

Something like this is necessary, too:

(c) Ikea

This one's so cool:

(c) Ikea

And, last thing now, this is typical and simple for the window =)

(c) Ikea...OF COURSE, MAN!

You see..if you wanna get rid of me, just drive me over to Ikea, I'll stay in there for hours and hours and hours and...


  1. die salzstreuer habe ich mir letzte woche oder so gekauft^^ aber in schwarz weiß. die sind so herzallerliebst..<33

  2. danke, klar darfst du :)
    ist auch schrecklich bei diesem wetter, schule -.-

  3. klar, kannst mic gerne hinzufügen!

  4. hey danke fürs folgen süße :D

    also diese salz und pfefferstreuer gibt es auch gerade bei KIK ;)

    love, alice

  5. Ui ich finde IKEA Dinge auch total schön und habe sehr viel in mein Zimmer davon stehen,insbesondere Accessoires.

  6. du kannst mich natürlich gern hinzufügen ;)


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