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August 5, 2009

I particularly like CSI...

well, I don't, but Kate Nash seems to. And I love her and her music =) Love the accent, love the lyrics, love the voice, love the melodies... LOVE! ;) Mariella, Mariella...
Ah..I'm sitting here discovering new blogs trying so hard to get tired. I actually lost my job today >_> Yup, I had a job, it was new and now it's gone already. Pffft. Lame! Whatever, gotta find something new, something more fun maybe? We all need money, right? Especially with the driver's license in the pipeline..and the flight I just booked yesterday (going to Istanbul, Turkey in October =D)

I particularly like that website. It's like Wikipedia, but for feelings and problems. Example: You got in a fight with your mom and don't know what to do. Your friends aren't there, so you have to help yourself somehow. Just choose a category (e.g. "Family Life" or "Relationships"), look for a problem that fits yours and read the article. It calms me down all the time when I'm upset. And it certainly doesn't make up for a friend, but it's a nice little thingy. In the articles, it's actually said that you shouldn't just do what there is written, but also kinda...live your life. Give it a try! I'm serious.

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