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July 28, 2009

What would my daddy say..

la la la...
My mom and brother are coming back from their two-week-boat-trip across the baltic sea tomorrow. Hope they bring me something cute from Scandinavia :P

I have tons of inspiration-pics on my computer, but today I'll show you my favourite Lookbook posters (there ain't many, really!):

Hannah S.
she rocks them high-waists
Ericke T.
hot girl, great sense of style, sexy ;)
Alice H.
also has a fashionblog and has an interesting sense of style
Frankie O.
that's actually one of my best friends (Frankie O. is a nickname^^), responsible for my DIY high-waisted skirt =)

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  1. Sehr schönes Lied und das Styling im Video ist natürlich auch nicht zu verachten.


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