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July 25, 2009

Rockstar, baby!

Last night..was the weirdest ever- talking about dreams! OMG! I went to the cinema yesterday to watch Harry Potter, but, really, with such dreams in my head I don't need to go to the cinema ever again..jeez..
1. I dreamt I was a girl in a story I once wrote (and never completed, btw, I think this is a sign!!!) about a girl who has a love affair with her teacher. I was that girl and I..err..flirted with a teacher. In my dream it was totally normal to kiss a teacher on his cheeks to say hello. Umm..yes.
2. The next dream: I was in some sorta meet and greet for Michael Jackson and he wouldn't hug me until my mum would allow him. My sister was kinda scared of him.
3. I was in a park where there was a lot of sand. A stupid girl from my school told all her supertastic made up stories and there were little ponies. I told everyone I was gonna buy one of these. My friend told me they weren't at all expensive, so I was SO convinced I'd do it.
4. I told my best friend about how stupid I find this Robert Pattinson/New Moon ad that I watched at the cinema (I really did!!).

PLUS: I woke up thinking there was something REALLY REALLY cool I wanted to do today..But there wasn't, so that must have been in a dream, too.
If you're faithful reader to my blog you must, at some point, clearly feel like I'm mentally ill. Sorry for that ;)

Shirt: DIY by my sister
Skirt: DIY by my friend
*surrounded by creative people*

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