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July 1, 2009

i'll make it easier for you by being a little bitch!

Arrrgh... I'm a little frustrated!
PLUS: Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist... :S
PLUS: Tomorrow I HAVE TO shoot a film super fast or else I can't graduate (?)
AAAND: On Friday I have an interview for a job at a café...a voice in my head tells me I'm gonna mess up..big time ;)

But all that's not for you to worry about, so allow me to entertain you with a link: Click it- it's still hot!
It's Katy Perry's "new" video for "Waking up in Vegas" and I think it's art somehow, speaking about how it's directed. I guess...you know, not that I'm a professional ;) Yup, but I like it. I always liked the song. Never thought it'd be released as a single.


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