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July 30, 2009

If I were a boy...

If I were a boy
I'd be so confused
by the girls.
I might like a girl or two
because they are nice.
But then they wear so much make-up.
Why do they do that?
Do they have to?
Are they ugly without make-up?
I'd want a natural beauty.
I wouldn't want a fake-girlfriend.
But what is real anymore about most, common girls?

I'd be so confused
by how important clothes, shopping, styling... is for girls.
I'd want a girl that wants to talk.
I'd want a girl with an attitude,
not a fashionista.
I wouldn't want to be the one who takes photos of her posing for her..err..blog.
I wouldn't want to see my girlfriend on lookbook more often than next to me.

I'd want a real, realistic girl who knows what really matters.

BTW, I thought that only girls were that stupid sometimes, but click lookbook just once and there's tons of guys.
Boys, go and play soccer! It's not that I feel like we girls have to have this thing just for us. BUT. There's gotta be someone to lead the blind, right?


  1. soccer/football sucks! ^^

  2. bei lookbook gibts keine männer.

  3. hey danke fpr deinen tipp ! ich hab angst das wenn ich anfange zu kochen die ganze küche anfängt zu berennen hahahaah ich bin die schlechteste köchin der welt =)


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