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June 5, 2009

You sexy thing!

(my mom keeps listening to Hot Chocolate a tope - a party classic btw, maybe I should give it a try at my party tomorrow?)

Whoohoo how does it feel? I'M 18 NOW! Watch yourself! Uh!


Feelin gooood coz daddy probably ain't got time for the workout today. Ms Lazy on 'er way -.-
Anyways..tomorrow is my party and I'm super excited. I need to organise the music and all, still, so this is just a little blog update. Wanted to talk about the glorious..

I like the new Fashion Against Aids Collection. My mom acutally got me the Katy Perry body for my bday <3 I wanted it but I thought it was sold out anyway..awww mum *hihi* So here are the pieces I like:

Isn't the FAA logo so beautiful? So colorful =)
And I think Katy Perry is really sweet. She looks cute!


  1. i like the "Life is too short, have sex besafe"-shirt :D

  2. yay. der body ist schon knorke. hab dir nen award verliehen, du volljähriges kind.


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