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June 20, 2009

This is my dream apartment vol. 1

As I am bored as hell today, I decided to introduce you to my dream appartment. Well, I'll start today and continue whenever I'm bored again :P

Today: The entrance/"hallway"

The wall paint: cream

The wall decoration: Pictures in black frames

I'd have several ones and paint them all black. By Ikea
...with collages of personal pictures and some printed Stella Im Hultberg pieces:

By Stella Im Hultberg
And a mirror, of course:

By Ikea

For my shoes:

By Ikea
And on top of it:

..some lucky bamboo inside of this:

By Ikea
(and some little thing for my keys to put in but I can't find anything @ the moment)

The spotlights:

By Ikea


  1. hey!!! klar kannst du mich verlinken!
    deine seite kenne ich!
    habe sie schon die ganze zeit gesucht lol.
    habe mir deine blog addy nicht gemerkt ^^

    lg maishion

  2. gerne =) freut mich das mein blog dir gefällt =)

  3. Sehr schöne Vorstellung mit deiner Wohnung!
    Und tu dir keinen Zwang an, wenn du uns verlinken möchtest. <:


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