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April 24, 2009

Honey's back and she kicks ass..

Yup, whatever. Ya I'm actually starting to blog again. I guess. Has anyone missed me?


It's half an hour to go till midnight and I'm all made up waitin for my man to pick me up to go partyin. I'm not really in the mood but since I'm invited, got a date and a bday gift..well, well.. and it's not far from my home anyways. What's up guys?
Blogging has changed the time I haven't blogged. BECAUSE Y'ALL MISSED ME SO MUCH!
-.-" Umm..naah but I don't know if I'll be riding on that "fashionblogger-wave" anytime soon. Maybe.
Ahh where's this man @? I start getting too cozy in here. A friend actually told me to wait for her at the party since she'll be coming after midnight. Now I'll do so, too I guess. LAME! Or not? I mean practically..It ain't late. The local swimming pool thang just closed half an hour ago. So what?
See how bored I am. Haha. Got nothing to say. Just "I'm back". I thought about recording a video for this post but I don't know if anyone's reading..?? PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU GUYS ;) (or else I'll feel like a psycho talking to myself all the time)
Kay..I'll create a new blog header when I'm in the mood.
Have a fun weekend!

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