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August 9, 2008

From Wednesday, Jul. 15 (i know it comes late)

There's only a few hours left. It doesn't feel like summer. I'm going to Paris next week and materialism rules.
Why do we dream? I mean, at night. To deal with things in our life, they say. But what if my dreams were science fiction? They're strange. So strange I'd better not reveal them. Maybe my head takes a space shuttle while I sleep. So it's up in space while I lie there comfortably. It doesn't matter at all. The moon is not the ground I'm walking on. I'm not at home in space.
"Hello disaster!", I used to say. Hello disaster... It's all in the past. There's a lot of things in this world that lose their appeal in time. A lovely fact, don't you think? Think about it.

Yup. I'm back from France- since a week already, in fact. Well, I hope I'll get my hands on the pics we took so I can show them here. Ummm..
Note to myself:
Watch these films
P.S. I love You
My Blueberry Nights
The Other Boleyn Girl

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