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June 27, 2008

From Thursday, Jun. 26

Thursday. A day that I officially dislike. Science. Bah. EDV-Lessons. Bah. PE-Lessons. Double-Bah! Thursday is NOT an enjoyable schoolday for me. PE is still least enjoyable. And will always be. But, apparently, I shouldn't bitch. One day, we'll all be dead. I just wanted to have said this. I'm a troublemaker. Or, better to say, a troublecatcher. "I got trouble, trouble, trouble... always knocking at my door" Why is it me to always cause problems? Sometimes I think something inside of me WANTS to geht upset. What am I uncomfortable with? Or am I just bad at suppressing bad habits? The world won't bother much. Isn't it so strange that I don't know how it feels to be somebody else? I mean, WE don't know what it's like. Everybody knows what it's like to be themself. But we'll never really feel what any other individual feels. Because we're unique. Because we're different. Isn't that the "excitement" of relationships? Trying to get to know how it feels... "How does it feel? How does it feel? You're different from me. Different."
I know I tend to think too much. Is that good or bad? I wonder... The world won't bother much. Again. Hey, when did the world ever bother?
I could be philosophic in a romantic way here. But I'd consider that cheap. Like "we don't know how others feels and they can't feel what we feel. So we let certain people in..." blah blah. I think that's things people should know on their own. I don't have to write it down. I got it in my head and that's pretty much it. Those pseudo-romantic-internet-poetry is for little dreamy girls. It's sad if you stick to it after your fourteenth birthday. Because your life can write the lines so much better.
I'm a mess. But I live beneath the sun. Means I'm worth a try ;)


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