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June 11, 2008

Cinja's little TV guide

Ladies and Gentlemen!
I present you something worth watching.
First: Asian Dramas
Then: The Ashlee Simpson Show

So..Asian Dramas are tiny little series of like 20 episodes. I've watched a couple of 'em and I L O V E them. They're mainly inspired by mangas but don't get confused by that. I mean, I don't like mangas that much and I still love the series though. To get into the whole thing you should firtly try this Asian Drama Wiki (thanks to d-addict for that one..love it!) I absolutely recommend starting to watch asian dramas with this series: Devil Beside You. Starring the actor with the most amazing devilish smile and the cutest actress. Taiwanese. English Subtitles. Start HERE. And if you don't like it in the beginning, please continue watching. I'm sure you'll like it after a while. Well, that was the way I got into it.

So..² The Ashlee Simpson Show- the name says all. I'm just watching it again. It's quite old, I know, but I love it. She appears sooo cool in it. lol. No, I mean it. It seems so real and I really love love love to watch artists behind the curtain. Like..watch them recording songs..writing..whatever^^ I love mtv diaries, too, btw. I have to do some ads here..sorry you guys..but you can do this illegal little thang right there.

Now have fun watching. And there's something referring to my last post now.. Christina in a "Vote or die" campaign. No words.

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