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June 4, 2008

Champaign, anyone?

Hey hellooow!
It's been long again and now I'm finally bored enough to blog. haha. Nevermind me, i like blogging- it's just that there's more senseful things to do. Wait. It's frickin hot, I gotta get this fat hoodie off. Yaya callin out to all my famous biotch-assed stripper friends. Watch out! 'Cuz if you hurt me, Imma kill you...*i love you, i love you* Eh-hum.
So far, so beauty.
Well well. It's been my B I R T H D A Y just yesterday. Yay yay, I dare say. 17 now. I'm listening to Britney while writing this. It's Britney Spears' 3rd studio album- got it back then when I was this huuuuge fan. And, if you listen closely, I believe, this is the most personal and cutest album she ever recorded till now. It expresses her love to formal boyfriend Justin Timberlake. She must have been full of butterflies! Really. The songs sound so cute I fall in love myself when I listen to them. Anyways, I tell you why people like Britney. Yes, the word was LIKE. Because she's REAL. "No make-up, no cover-up's, no push-up's, [with him] I don't have to put on a show...". Ya know? That's true live. Sorta. It was Christina Aguilera who sang that line, by the way. Compare those two ladies:

We could argue now about who's doing their JOB (and I suppose it's a celebrities job to sell their product- themselve) which obliges a good look and who's showing us the real thing. But those women have babies. Christina's son was born in January while Britney's sons are...a few years old already.
And here they are doing their "mother job":

Christina all made up while carrying her baby-boy, Britney looking, honestly, pretty normal, like people in the street, going to see her boys. In my opinion motherhood is where the money affairs shall stop. But they don't. Marriage and having babies is so hot in hollywood now. Even Paris wants it.


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  1. Hey Cinja!
    Remember me? XD
    It's Jesuz.
    Regarding to this post, well, i've got to tell you i feel the same, but even tho Britney is "real", real is not always that good, sometimes you have to lie in order to protect the ppl around you. OK, so Britney is real and real ppl smoke next to her children? hmmm, Interesting.
    I'd like if you blog more often.
    I do it but in spanish
    Stay in touch


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