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November 21, 2007

Ok now, this is enough.

The pregnant Christina Aguilera, actually one of my favourite singers, recently appeared wearing NOTHING under her dress. Ok, Christina. But why did you have to show the whole world?

Why the hell does Christina have to go along with the other girls and get out of a car showing her..well..pussy? I mean..C'mon this is childish. If they jump out of the window, you'll do that do, won't cha? And anywayz..she's pregnant. Imagine what she'll tell her child later. "Look! This was mummy when she was pregnant..and this was her pussy back then" ??? Argh. Didn't think Christina would ever go that far. Still love her music and voice though. You know, in "Dirrty" times she showed us her sexy side and still stayed, well, dressed! Back then she was self-conscious, now she's unconscious. The hormones of a pregnant woman?

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  1. lol
    nah, i never left
    i'm here to stay (for now, lol)
    the url of my portfolio is: http://jesuzflores.tk
    and thanks thanks for your words!
    and LMAO at the pics, I posted them as well in my blog and said something similiar, but you can see anything cos of the hmm the thing she wears for her legs (dont remember the name).
    Anyways, 2day is the presentation of my project! My new photos will be showcased today O.o
    So anxious!
    Send me your vibes haha

    PS: 'Ya' is like 'that's is'


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