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November 14, 2007

I was always there it's just I never told ya...

Hey, guys! Well..what I have to tell ya...thumbs up for my love life! The break we took officially ended after a few days only. Even though it was very little time I must say it was quite hard. But I lived. lol. Ok, now, listen ^_^ If your man's an asshole he must go. But if he's only a little asshole and knows it..plus you love him..then go on with him^^ Wise, huh?! >.< Haha. People, I'm in love! <3 And well...today he said to me the most beautiful words anyone has ever said to me...hehe. Ok, so..the break's over, the ache's over ;) And now..DANCE,DANCE! haha i'm being stupid (so i don't deserve a capitol >>i<<)
Somethin else now...it's an examn in politics tomorrow and I do need shoes. I feel quite comfortable in my skin. My fingers drive me crazy. Got P.E. lessons tomorrow- which I hate...humm.....I want you right here by my side..where you can stay forever! hehe. Yes, visitors, you can stay forever and read me. READ ME, I'M HOT >_>
I just watched Desperate Housewives and you know what? I could actually identify myself with Susan. Because in this episode she was criticised (oh gosh that's the wrong spelling, isn't it?) by another woman saying Susan's drama-addicted. Like, when there's no drama in her life, she creates some herself. Haha. This is actually SO like me. Really, sometimes I feel, if I got no problems, I create some. Maybe just because my soul's scared of boredom =P hmmm...and the woman also told Susan she didn't know about luck...well..am I like this? I dunno. But, hey, Susan's quite a bit older than me^^ Haha, I'll have the time to figure out...
Bye with luv +_+

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  1. Hey Cinja!
    this is Jesus from ooh jesus
    just wanted to let you know that my blog changed the url some weeks ago i think but it wasnt until now i started to let everyone know
    the new url is:
    Hard to remember? I hope it's not!
    I'm Reading your entries
    didn't have the time


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