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October 6, 2007

I'm here telling the moon...

Hola, c'est moi! Well well, what do I say? I woke up today at a quarter to 1...PM. I suffered from a great lack of sleep through the whole week. Because of school o_O Humm..well well! I actually don't know what to tell you here but again, I felt like posting. Yay^^ One week of school and then holidays again. Two weeks, I mean, that ain't so bad ^.^ By god I swear, my love went nowhere, it was always there inside of me, it's just that I never told.. Hmm..listenin' to Jamelia. Cute lyrics, huh?
Aww, yes, before I forget..my Nelly Furtado Fansite (NFF, ok?! haha) has just gone through..REEE-DESIGN! sexy, huh? Keep your eyes on Thank you.
Aww, this beat is wicked, it's fun [ears occupied with: Ain't a Love-Jamelia]. OK. Hum. The boys are stupid. Me & the girls wanted to go out tonight but they went yesterday..baah... xD You know...coz I don't =P Well, since a few ...weeks, I guess..me & mates & mates & me keep goin out, drinkin, laughin. Well, me watchin' the drunk mostly. I know it sounds..somewhat stupid but it's kewl, ya? >.<
Anywayz..I NEED MONEY! I wanna buy..this & that =) And a new perfume, man. I'm currently testing "V" by Valentino. It's cool. But Irresistible by Givenchy..and this LancĂ´me thing...lol, very interesting, I know.
Awww I guess right now it's the first time that I really am happy FOR someone else, not only for me. xD Yup, a friend of mine...aaah she just fell in love and it's so cute. He's so cute. Hehe. I mean...you should really enjoy the moments when a boy writes songs about you...sends you "i've fallen for you"-messages and stuff. Haha. I guess my baby's all over that stuff already. It's almost four months right now. No boy has ever stayed with me for that long. Lol. I know that sounds quite sad. Harrharr.. Ok, gotta go, got my honey half-naked on cam... ;)

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