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October 30, 2007

Guess who's back...

I'm back from my one-week-holiday. It was..well...cold and boring. Really. I'll post some pictures soon, though.
I don't know if it's right to talk about my personal life here, but I have to tell it everyone and everywhere because I...well, I feel quite lonely and I don't want to push it away. So...I can't eat. Can't sleep. Can't concentrate. Can't drink. But that doesn't hurt me. What hurts me is that I have no security. Not at all. I didn't let him leave [...] But now I have to wait for something that may never come. It's very hard but I said I'd give him time because I know what it's worth. And I'll stand my word. But if I don't get through... Really, I CANNOT and do NOT WANT TO imagine this. As I'm sitting here alone right now, I feel it aching in my chest, in my stomache. I feel something thick in my throat. Me siento debil cuando estoy sin tí... (listening to Juanes..and it fits..) It's so strange and different suddenly. When I think of week-ends, I ask myself "What the hell will I be doing?". There's nothing that I would want to...I mean...you know?! I have to really pay attention to not let my eyes get wet. I could study for school all day, but...where's the sense in that? Good marks won't make me a happier person now, really. School has never touched my emotions anyways. Te digo..amame...carino.. Really...I have to make him miss me... But it's hard. And what if I don't succeed? It's hard. Strange and difficult. I'm very insecure but I cannot, will not, give up.
Well, thanks for listening...I'll let this blog know bout whatever my follow...

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  1. Schön gemacht dein Blog! Aber warum schreibst du auf englisch?mach weiter so.gruß


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