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October 15, 2007

"'And if she had wings, she'd fly away..."'

Good evening, everyone!
I just wanted to let you know...I am home..ALONE so come around if you like me ;) Kidding in a bad way ~_~ Nah, but I really am home alone. Ooooh. Hmm. I'm tired but..hey it's 8.30 PM and I'm on holidays so..naaah I'm not going to bed right now. T__T I want someone to be around...AND I want some lilac-coloured nailpolish. But dark lilac. Yummi. Haha. But really...I feel lonely *lol. I'm bored & bitchy. Blah. What am I to do? ...I've had a veeeery lazy day today and now I feel like..so lazy but in a rather negative way cuz..humm it's a feeling as if you just lay in bed all day and didn't wash yourself (I DID take a shower though, lol). Know what I mean? Haha I'm on vacation next week. Goin to...yeah the blackforest in the south of Germany. Hahaha. It's actually quite...chilled?! over there..just some hills, forests, cows... Yay ~_~ Hmm but it might be nice though cuz I imagine it's really relaxing.
Hmm wait..what am I up to tomorrow? aaah nuthin >.< That sucks. Really. But I'm going out at night =). Some hot chocolate, please! I recently went to Starbucks with my boyfriend and right now I'm in the mood for another cup. Ah, but I'm getting fat. lol. I'd really like to see a gym. from the inside...ya know? But..it's expensive and there's no way I'm going ALONE. Nah. Hmm okay I'm boring, ain't I? ...
So bye!

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