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August 13, 2007

This is new & not so fresh...!

Soo...welcome to my brand new blog. Well, I hope anyone is ever reading this and...you know, posting comments and so... yup, that would be nice. But, ok, I'll stop dreaming now^^ Well...the reason why I started this blog is I wanted to have an English blog. Because in English I can just be...more honest and tell the things stripped to the core *lol* Umm..yeah and I'd also like to post some poetry and stuff like that. I'll see what the future brings. =D So I guess this is already the end of my first post now... Oh, and, all the icons are made by me. So don't 'take them without permission' (the same old copyright story). Soo..yup..that's it- BUH BYE!



    Hello my name is Ahmet and i am nice guy. your block is interessted me and so i want to know more about you.


    but now i tell you something about me.OK
    i am 18 year old.
    i come from turkey and i am gay. but if my parents know that i am dead "TOP"
    i don*t have any hobbys. So i sit 24 h in front of my PC and look youporn. sometime nice guys are there.

    i hope you like me and so we be come friends .

  2. ooh..my boyfriend in his 'trynna be funny' mood...never mind [him]


  3. LMAO!!!
    Heya Cinja, wohoo! finally in english!
    well, at least i hope you keep updating it. at first i got a little excited when you said you did it cos of me, you mean girl, ¬_¬ heh.
    I'm gonna add you to my links so i can always catch up your posts

  4. Oh, ein blog in englisch! Hab auch mal versucht in englisch zu schreiben, aber es ist einfach... naja, ich kann da nie genau das sagen was ich will, da ist mir deutsch schon lieber ^^
    So, das wars jetzt von mir, freu mich schon auf den ersten "richtigen" blogeintrag ^_^
    <3 Lili
    PS: es stört dich eh nicht wenn ich auf deutsch kommentiere, oder?! O.o

  5. Hi Cinja,
    da ich mein Englisch hier nicht blamieren will, weil es grottesk ist, schreibe ich dir lieber in DE zurück :)!
    Eigentlich mache ich keinen Linktausch mehr, aber weil ich dringend ein paar Englischtexte brauche, die wohlmöglich in gutem Englisch geschrieben worden sind, sage ich diesmal nicht nein, und verlinke dich! Etwas Englisch lesen vor der Schule tut gut ^-^!
    Toller Blog!


  6. Hi Cinja, thanks for your comment on my blog. Glad you like my site, it's always nice to hear that though I keep hearing it constantly ;).
    Of course I'm interested in link exchange since I like your site and the fact that you're blogging in english, which I admire. I tried to keep an english blog as an addition to my german one but I failed miserably. Two blogs take too much time. Well, I'm drifting off, so I better quit.
    Good night

  7. Oh I forgot to sign the previous comment. It was from: Elizabeth [entwined.de]

  8. Thank you once more for your comment! Didn't know my english was "cool". Nevertheless I appreciate the compliment.


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